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It would be hard to imagine many people, in August 1965, making a case for the enduring potency of The Byrds. A string of UK dates, feverishly anticipated, had been met with a level of critiscism unusual for the time: “Flopsbille!” adjudged the Melody Maker. “A drag,” Denise Hall (19) was reported as saying, after a disappointing turn at the Pontiac Club, Putney.

The Byrds had the air of overhyped one-hit wonders, as LA chancers who had made some serendipitous, connections between The Beatles and Dylan, only to be found when they stepped onstage. The long-term prospects beyond “The Mr Tambourine Man” looked, at best, sketchy.

How differently things turned out. Fifty-odd years down the line, The Byrds legacy stands as one of the most significant in rock history.

In this latest Ultimate Guide, from the makers of Uncut, we’ve pieced together the whole labyrinthine story – of how Roger McGuinn steered the band through myriad lineups and as many changes in direction, and how his illustrious bandmates shot off, one by one, on their own rewarding tangents.

As a consequence, this isn’t just a volume dedicated to The Byrds, it’s one that explores the trajectories of Gene Clark, David Crosby, Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Clarence white and eventually, McGuinn himself. We’ve filed new reviews of every Byrds album, along with extensive essays on the post-Byrd careers of all those major players. It’s a story that takes in some of the key records in our cannon – and one we’ve achieved through repeated raids on the archives of NME, Melody Maker and Uncut.

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